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>> the mid-to atlantic has been mostly stared, but hurricane earl is set to last new england tonight. >> i can see people on the floor
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in the building. >> the frantic first minutes in the 911 call for help. we have the details on metro rail that you need to know. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 11:00. captioned by the national captioning institute we have just learned that earl has been downgraded to a tropical storm. officials in north carolina dodged disaster. earl continues to move towards new england. we have live coverage. >> it continues, leon, the race toward the northeast. there will be some nasty weather earlier tomorrow morning. parikh it is. all of the new england coast line. it is now a tropical storm. take a look at the storm scant
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and you can see where earl is -- nine miles east of nantucket. there are only tropical storm warnings for the coast of new england. it will continue to race by bringing some heavy storms and strong winds. meanwhile for us, behind it it will feel like a different season and a different weather pattern. i would tell you about the details. girl did not get close enough to do any major damage to north carolina. minimal damage has been reported along the eastern seaboard. we have the latest video of earl's path. >> this could have been much worse. just 44 hours ago earl was a category 4 storm. they are taking no chances.
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>> on the nantucket shoreline, the waves are getting higher. >> we will take it. >> in maize are sandbagging boston's south shore. -- inmates are sandbagging boston's south shore. >> we're expecting heavy rain. >> on long island, they are boarding up windows. the outer banks were slammed overnight and early friday. a mile per hour winds and torrential rains. >> it is almost like you are in a sandstorm. >> coastguard vessels were tossed like toys in a bathtub. the rain was relentless. >> the rain was hitting be when it so hard. >> in areas normally packed with labor day tourists, it looked like wetlands.
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>> all you need are the right trees to be knocked down and people will be without power. >> the surf and when currents forced beaches to close in maryland. swimmers were allowed in late in the day. >> i am not going in the water. it will kill you. >> some say they are sticking out the storm. >> north carolina governor says per state jobs the bullet. some homes are without power, but there are is no injuries or major damage. tropical storm beryl has affected weekend travel plans for thousands. amtrak has suspended train service from new york to boston for tonight. here in our area, passengers are
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facing serious problems that reagan national airport. strong winds and heavy rains are predicted to arrive in massachusetts in the next few hours. we will go to cape cod and give you a live report later. moving on to other news, more details about the discovery communications and gunmen. we had the first pictures coming from the james lee's home. >> many are thinking of the fire and police departments for their amazing work. we are getting a night -- an inside look at the 911 calls. >> move as far away from the building as you can. >> as people were shuffling out of the building, montgomery
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county police were moving in. >> i am directly behind the suspect. i have a visual. >> officers and did not know what james lee was capable of, but they did know he was armed. a frantic call came in -- a call came into 911. >> i am in the main lobby of 1 discovery place. >> news came as a shock to james lee's roommate. lee was renting a room. police found explosive devices, a gas can, and books on saving the planet. they did not expect he would do this. >> there is a hostage. there is someone in the building with a gun. >> but the recount the officers did not expect it either.
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-- montgomery county officers did not expect it either. >> we had hostages. it does not get any more tense than that. >> police say they were able to gather valuable information from the 911 calls that came in. lee was armed and had procaine tanks strapped to him. in his left hand he had a device with a blinking light. cynne simpson, abc 7 news. a powerful earthquake has caused widespread damage in new zealand. it was centered near christchurch. some buildings collapsed and power lines are down. the death toll in pakistan continues to climb after suicide bombers killed 55 muslims.
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the pakistan the taliban is claiming responsibility and threatens similar attacks in the united states. the timing of the attack during ramadan was reprehensible. president obama is set to release new details on jump starting the economy. >> the economy is moving in a positive direction. jobs are being created, they are just not being created as fast as they need to because of the big holes we have experienced. >> last month the unemployment rate was -- raised one-tenth of a percent. the president says the key to helping the economy is strengthening small businesses. >> coming up, metro plans its largest maintenance projects in 34 years for this holiday weekend. we have the details you need to know. we are not in the clear yet.
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we have a new report on a girl.
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7 is on your side tonight with news for metro riders. on the red line, work is being done to make the metro center. five stations will be closed through monday. we have a live report. >> metro has a laundry list of work this weekend. everything from fire alarms to stop lights. what does that mean? the sign says it all. this station along with four others will be closed the entire long holiday weekend. if riders want to get around, they will have to take shuttle buses. while some have to work others were hoping to have some fine.
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>> i wanted to go to the national park, but the metro is down. >> for some, taking a free shuttle bus is out of the question. >> it is overcrowded and you have to wait. >> metro has scheduled its largest track maintenance and rehabilitation project in the agency's 34 year history. five stations will be off limits for that to happen. this president has to catch a plane in the morning. he has no room for error. >> metro police this is the best weekend to do this. in order to meet safety regulations.
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the stations will not reopen until tuesday morning. >> metro is making the trains safer. >> metro says consolidating all of the work will save the transit system about $1 million in riders about one had to 60 days -- 160 base. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. 8,500 pounds of ground beef has been recalled. the meat had a date of july 1st. anyone who has that me should toss it. >> coming up, 25 million people still sit in the path of hurricane earl. what is our weather going to be
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like this weekend? what is our weather going to be like this weekend? bob ryan
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with the most locations in the dc area, we figured they could use our help.
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go back to our courage of hurricane earl. massachusetts is under a state of emergency. cape cod is about to have a peaceful holiday weekend. how is it looking on the coast? >> how are you doing, leon? the rain is swirling around me. the winds are gusty. there is some good news. the national hurricane center in the past 45 minutes said that earl has been downgraded to a tropical storm. that does not mean that massachusetts will not get rain. they are.
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it will be more gentler and easier for them. in the morning, people will wake up to a nice sunny day to continue their labor day weekend. good deal. thank you. >> for the folks in new england -- this happens all lot. we have tapped into some of the weatherbug network of sites. this is a mark this then year. over 1 inch of rain. when gusts of 38 miles per hour. we get some nor'easters. the tim brant as much or more wind than hurricanes. -this was earlier today when it was closer to the north carolina
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coast. over 73 miles per hour. the good news as been the track. the probability of the chat has remained well off of the coast. -- of the track has remained well off the coast. fortunately, it just brushed new england. unfortunately for the canadians, what is left of it will be heading out into halifax, nova scotia. you can see the circulation. meanwhile, is that tropical storm fiona? things have settled down as earl continues to move. it will be bringing much cooler air. there have been one or two sprinkles. you people in the -- the big
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story is we will have some air we can breed. there is a break in the humidity. that is just in time for the holiday weekend. there is what is left of the circulation. even the rain is now leading. here is that weather front coming through. by tomorrow afternoon, much lower humidity coming in. what to get an early start on the holiday weekend? sunrise is at 6:40 in the morning. the high-temperature tomorrow is 80 to 82 degrees. winds at 10 to 25 miles per hour. if you're going sailing, it will be great sailing weather. small crafted by streets will be up because of the combination of -- small craft advisories will be up because of the combination of earl moving off and the humidity.
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after the summer we have had? have a good one.
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talk about a case that only a mother could love it. how about a pet iguana? it went missing from its home last night. he took out a wood-paneled that was keeping a window shut. you can read the entire story at largest beatles tribute festival is at the national harbors through monday. the performers will be introduced on the stage. tonight, a special farewell to a longtime member of our
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family. he is retiring after 48 years in the business. 45 years on this station. he started in 1965. he estimates that he has produced 25,000 shares. jimmy, go out and hit the links and hit them good. >> i would tell you about stephen strasburg. he had surgery and now starts his long road back. i will tell you about it. i had the highlights for
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>> the toyota sports desk is brought to you by your local toyota dealers, moving you forward. >> stephen strasburg had reconstructive elbow surgery this morning in california. the doctor said the surgery went extremely well. they took a ligament out of his left leg and put it into his elbow. he is expected to miss 12 to 18 months. pitcher chris volstead has been suspended. for the nationals and five marlins had been suspended and or find it.
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-- and or fined. we pick it up in the third. his first major-league home run. it was a solo shot. 1-0 nationals. this shot by jones in deep center field. that brings them around. the pirates win it 8-5. this is one of nine, two out. trouble from the get go. he scores all the way from first. to-m1 rays. the second of four events started today. we are talking golf. tiger woods bogeyed four of his first six holes. he needs a solid weekend to get to next week's.
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he finished one over par. the play of the night comes from wake forest. he acts like nothing is going on. he throws deep. a 68-yard touchdown. he spit it out like the play was dead. how about this. let's go back to tennis. an ugly incident at the u.s. open. this guy came over and said, "that is all, brother. a woman got back into it after a few minutes. they all were thrown out. what is wrong with people these days? i tomorrow, a big day at redskins park.
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the skins have to cut their roster to 53 players. they are heading into dallas week. the other 53 are fired up. >> any chance that one of those guys may have to go would be number 92? >> i think that haynesworth will start against dallas. that is what i think. >> i cannot get a bob ryan keep on from you on that one? [laughter] >> if he does not start, i am taking you out. >> if he does not start, i am taking you out.
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knots. a great one for the holiday on monday. >> goodbye, earl . .
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